Is Motherhood the new cool?

It’d be hard not to notice the influx of Cool Mums there are around at the moment. And by Cool Mums, I mean women who are smart, sassy and who are definitely not going quietly into what we used to expect of life in Motherhood.

When I fell pregnant, a life of leggings and baking cupcakes loomed before me – but lo! There are a raft of power mums showing us a different way! They’re rebranding Motherhood one kick ass mum at a time.

Women like Jenny Scott, founder of hugely successful Mothers Meetings and author of How To Be A Hip Mama Without Losing Your Cool. If you haven’t checked out Mothers Meetings yet, do it. They’re a network, hosting events which bring mums together. Friendly vibes with other mums who still like to keep their brains in gear.

Mother Of All Lists‘ Clemmie Telford is another new wave mum – honest, funny and making me feel like it’s all going to be ok. If these guys can handle Motherhood, do it in style and laugh about it then surely I can too? As Clemmie says:

“Yummy Mummy? F*** off. I want to be Sexy. Smart. Sassy. Fierce. Foxy.”

Bloggers like Mother Pukka’s Anna Whitehouse, who makes the mundane everyday hilarious in her mum hack videos. A personal favourite: Playground Workout – when you can’t be arsed with the gym (and who has the time anyway?)


And the accessories actually seem to be getting Cool now too. We can (literally) wear Motherhood as a badge of pride. Check out Cult of Youth’s Mama necklaces and The LB Brands I Am Modern Motherhood sunnies.

These Cool Mums are honest about the hard times in motherhood – they’re not trying to make it look cool. But somehow they just DO.

Yes mothers, we may be operating on very little sleep and a lot of coffee, but we can rest in the knowledge that parenthood is Cool.

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