Wine. Delivered through your letterbox.

Wine. Posted into my letterbox. Yes, you heard me right.

I don’t know about you, but by about 4pm on Friday I am ready for a drink. A lovely glass of wine. It marks the start of the ‘weekend’ (who am I kidding, no mum gets a ‘weekend’…) But anyway, it still makes me feel like it’s the end of the working week.

And when I have said beverage, I want it to be a nice glass of wine. Not a bottle (who can handle a hangover with kids??) I don’t do much drinking now, so when I do, I want a lovely glass of wine.

Step up the Decanting Club. They deliver wine through your letterbox. And not just any old £6.99 bottle of plonk from the corner shop – really tasty wine. Wine that I would never normally pick myself.

I’m not even sure that’s the best bit though. It’s delivered in pouches that fit through the letterbox: two different wines each week. I don’t have to worry about if I have a bottle in or not. And I don’t have to worry about missing the delivery – it’s just there. Oh yes, wait a minute Mr. Postman. Hurrah for wine.

Here comes the weekend.


Photo by Jerry Kiesewetter on Unsplash