This mum runs. Some top reasons why you should too.

  • You can run anytime, anywhere. You don’t have to be on time like you do for an exercise class. No one will frown if you’re late. Which (let’s face it) is highly likely when you’re running out of the house with a toddler attached to your leg


  • It can be a short run or a long run. You don’t have to be super fit. You don’t have to be out running for an hour: but you can be if you want of course. Even if you only do a 20-minute jog, it feels like a huge achievement. You still had 20 blissful minutes to yourself!


  • There are no expectations. The only person you’re keeping up with is yourself. No one knows how far you’ve gone or how fast, apart from you. And your iPhone run tracker


  • It gives you quiet time and headspace. There’s no one else to worry about while you’re out


  • Music. You can listen to your own, uninterrupted music. Not Frozen or Hakuna Mattata. Heaven


  • It’s free. No class costs involved, and you don’t have to have any kit in particular to do it. You can run in your old holey Topshop leggings. (I do)


  • There are even free races that you take part in locally each week. Well worth checking out local Parkruns


  • I’ve been running for years on and off between my babies. And every time I start running again after birth, it feels amazing to be able to do it. It doesn’t matter how long your break from running is, you can start again at any time


  • It makes you feel bloody good. That must be why there are now a whole insta-army of running mums. Check out This Mum Runs for inspiration and running mums of all abilities


  • If you haven’t tried it before or don’t think you can… Yes, you can. Just do it.


Photo by Emma Simpson on Unsplash

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