Top Five: Books For Toddlers

Who isn’t forever looking for ways to get the kids off the iPad?? It’s tough to come up with new things to keep them entertained!

If that rings a bell then Catching Doodles is one to check out – it’s loaded with games and activities to grab back the kids’ attention and get creative juices flowing.

Mum of three Lucy Stamp came up with the idea for the site after she’d spent too many mornings feeling guilty about her kids asking for the iPad. Lucy says:

“It wasn’t a constant screenfest, but it certainly felt like we were stuck in a rut… So I embarked on a mission to source stylish products which inspired creativity within the kids, and our whole family.”

Over at Mother Lover HQ we love their collection of books, magazines and toys to help kids get crafty and brains in gear.

As a woman in the know, Lucy’s given us her top five books for toddlers. And they’re good ‘uns.


First Words

First Words Art Charts, by Aino Maija Metsola

A lovely book for learning about colour, counting, shapes and more. And the best bit is, once you’ve read the book, you can tear out the beautiful illustrations to use as posters.


One Thousand Things

One Thousand Things, by Anna Kövecses

A beautiful illustrated encyclopedia of one thousand first words to see and say.


Two Can

Two Can, by Smriti Prasadam-Halls

A visually told delightful story about sharing, for very young picture book lovers.


Everybody Poos

Everybody Poos, by Taro Gomi

Yep, everybody poos, and this book is a good one to read whilst potty training. Plus, it’s hard to find a child who doesn’t think saying poo is hilarious.


May The Stars Drip Down

May the Stars Drip Down, by Jeremy Chatelain and Nikki McClure

A journey through a sleeping boy’s dreams, told in a wonderfully soothing lullaby. A winner for the bedtime routine.


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