The Sisterhood of Motherhood

One of most surprising / life-saving things you find when you become a mum are the new friendships you find. They come out of you being in the same shit as other women. This is The Sisterhood of Motherhood.

Girl Gang

Before you become a mum, you think you don’t need any more friends. You’re wrong.

You approach Motherhood and begin to meet other pregnant women in the same scary boat. Yes, at first your only link will be that your due dates are within a month of each other. Yes, when you first meet at NCT everyone is feeling weird and pregnant… You’re not sure what to make of these potential new buddies.

Yes, you will question

‘Can I really be friends with these women who are so different to me, just because our babies will be a similar age?’

BUT YES, these women will turn out to be absolute gems. Those first nervous meet ups with them will turn into your new support network.

These women, who I hardly knew, became the friends that I shared the most intimate (and frankly gross) details with in that first year of Motherhood. When the baby didn’t sleep, when it did a massive s*&t all over me, when I felt like I was going slightly insane; they were the first ones there. They felt my pain because they were knee-deep in exactly the same. They were also on WhatsApp at 4am when I needed them.

After a while, you’ll move on from maternity leave, and talking about sleeping / feeding constantly. You’ll graduate to drinking wine and going for dinner together. Laughing with these women about what’s happened to your life is so reassuring and stress relieving. More so than being with your old mates who don’t have kids yet. (Sorry ‘non-baby friends’: I love you, but I feel boring when I talk to you for 3 hours solid about my kid.) 

Whether you meet them at NCT, hypnobirthing or the local music group, give New Mum Friendships a chance. The Sisterhood of Motherhood is strong.


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