Honest Mums: The Grace Tales

One of our favourite instagram crushes is Australian feed @thegracetales – for it’s honest stories of how career driven mothers make life work for them.

The Grace Tales gives a sneaky peek at the most stylish homes and nurseries, with an insight into how these women manage their families and jobs or businesses: what their idea of kids / work / life balance is. How they get their houses and hair to look so perfect though, we’ll never know. Let’s hope they’re not that polished all the time. It’s just not normal.

The quotes and advice from guests got us hooked –

“My advice to new mothers? You can feel really shitty at times, and sometimes you might not think that having a newborn is the most ahhmazing thing in the world. That’s ok. It’s ok if it’s hard and it’s ok if you don’t enjoy yourself some days. It’s the hardest job ever (and the most rewarding) and some days you’ll feel like crap. This does not make you a bad mother, it makes you NORMAL.”

Rebecca Judd

“Motherhood has taught me unconditional love. There are so many beautiful moments we share with our children, but as we know, it’s not all peaches and cream. It’s testing at times, but we always find the strength…There’s not a minute up our sleeves for ourselves, but as mothers, we’re ok with that.”

~ Lena  Catterick

It’s refreshing to know that all women (even the most glamorous ones ) go through the same shit in motherhood.

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